What is the importance of technology?

1439272_36480518Imagine waking up one day without technology. Would you even be able to wake up on time without an alarm clock? Technology is everywhere. In the twenty-first century, technology is one of the most important factors in our lives. It helps us in a lot of different tasks: cooking, going to work, research, entertaining ourselves. It changes our lives in so many different aspects. Technology has a profound effect on our society.

For high school students in 2014, a normal day is waking up with technology, usually alarm clocks. They get ready for their day and sometimes listen to music, on their iPods or smartphones. Ideally, they will cook their breakfast with appliances that are considered to be technology. They will get into their car or on a school bus to take them to their campus to learn. Throughout the day, the student will get bored of being in class and play games, text, or check social media on their cell phones. How are these students being educated? Well, they’re learning a new lesson in their math class. The teacher scrolls through the PowerPoint, using the OneNote on their computers or tablets to show example problems. Once the lesson is done, the students will start to do their homework that is assigned through the teacher’s online classroom, on their school-issued tablets. For these students, life would be unimaginable because they have all grown up with it. The importance of technology to them may be far more than people who were around before all of these things. Now what if there was no technology for these adolescents after years of growing up with it? Their daily routines would be gone. Most of their schoolwork, entertainment, daily and transportation needs would be unsatisfied. They would not know how to function without it. It would turn their lives upside down.

For a person who is a member of the working world, they do mostly the same thing. The importance of technology in the working world helps businessmen and women connect to their counterparts in other parts of the world. It allows them to do business with other counties and companies, without even having to leave their own country. It has revolutionized the working world with all of the contributions that the electronic technology this world has to offer. We are able to build bridges and pipelines because of the technology to build. Technology affects every branch of work. Office work, teaching, retail work. If you work in an office, how would you get your work done without your computer? If you are a teacher, how would you make homework for each student? If you work in retail, how will you sell merchandise without the scanners? These are all very possible, but most of us in the 21st century know that the importance of technology is incredibly higher than it used to be.

Technology has changed the world in many ways. It has given us the tools to learn, build, create, and see the world for what it is. It makes our lives so much easier. In the past century, we have gone from mailing letters, to sending emails, to sending text messages. We have gone from hanging up our wet laundry on clotheslines to tossing them in the dryer. We have gone from subways to bullet trains and we just keeping progressing. Technology has revolutionized our whole world. It makes everything accessible online, and you don’t have to go to the library and spend a long time researching. The whole world has become very reliant on technology, but because it has changed the world, that may not be a bad thing.

Technology is everywhere, and the importance of technology is much greater than before. It has changed our world so much already, and made our lives easier. Technology is moving quicker and quicker every day, and there is no stopping it.

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How did technology change our society?

1309469_64991061Anorld Pacey defined technology as ‘the application of structured knowledge to real tasks by well-organized system of machines and people’. There are several technologies today e.g cell phones, computers and digital camera. Some people think technology does affect the society, but others think it has more negative effects. Well, I do I agree that while technology has its negative consequences, it has numerous benefits. I

One of the most advanced inventions of our time is the computer. It might as well be the greatest invention ever (next to light bulbs and telephone) and we always develop new ways to improve it. Computers affects many aspects of our day to day life e.g. communication, medicine, entertainment, mathematics, agriculture, business and all other sciences. However, we depend on them too much that we become susceptible to computer hackers who are always trying to destroy all that we have created. Chat rooms have also its negative effects because of its unfiltered information e.g. pornography.

In terms of communication, technology i.e. cellphones has enabled us to communicate easily with people in different parts of the world. Using cellphones you can now keep tabs with distance friends and families without necessarily travelling to where they are. While there are numerous benefits of this gadget, it has its negatives as well, for example, people use them to lie, threaten and harm others. There have been several car accidents that has been attributed to the use of this phones while driving

In the transportation sector there has been a remarkable change over the years thanks to the technology advancement. Who had thought during the times of chariots that horses would pave way to the world fastest train (‘the bullet’)? Today, there are several cars and trains manufacturing companies which develop different types and make of cars, all for the reason of improving transportation. Airplanes have made the world to look like a village where you can be in two different places separated by thousands of miles in a single day. All that said however, there also some negatives that come along with these new technologies for instance; people have lost life through cars, trains and airplanes accidents.

Technology has also boost agricultural production, improving animals and plant breeds and played a major role in the emergence of short term high yielding crops. With these technologies, humankind has been able to feed her increasing population even in the remotest places of the globe. These have helped in the fight against hunger and poverty. The negative side of it however is that, with these technologies, there has been emergence of new diseases and health problems that is attributed to the chemicals used in the production of this product

Generally, technology has simplified work and made our life’s very comfortable coffee makers, computers, cell phones etc. are so much effective, easy and quick to use. Robots scrubbing and cleaning our homes indicates how things has been simplified. All we need to do is just press a button.
It is amazing how technology has advanced over the past years. Who had ever thought that a chip would one day replace a whole line of factory workers? Well, this has improved efficiency, decreased human error and made work faster. However this can also be seen as a con as it causes unemployment.
In conclusion, there are several benefits of technology as well as cons. I have just been able to mention only but a few there are several other benefits such as; technology in industries, technology in medicine, security, global warming etc. We just need to ask ourselves, are we becoming victims of potential danger and laziness due to cellphones and computer? Does machines run or is it ruining our lives?

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What’s Alexandria’s Genesis

The article was based upon http://thehealthinfosite.com/alexandrias-genesis-fact-fallacy/

Generally there is a massive debate regarding whether or not Alexandria genesis actually is out there, that seem to be which a real problem is an urban tale or it may have been around inside yesteryear. Above all, it’s essential to understand this problem will be as well as what the account at the rear of it is.

What’s Alexandria’s Genesis?

Violet eyes as well as what exactly is typically described Alexandria genesis is really a hereditary mutation, which in turn causes the of course to show kind dreary or perhaps azure to violet within specially following a kid exists. Throughout the teenage life stages, the color deepens to be able to purple orange or noble blue and it is still in these darkish hues without affecting your person’s ability to see. In accordance with research, those with this kind of problem have been proved to get no body, cosmetic, genital, or even anal head of hair not including eye brows, noses, eye-lash as well as locks in addition to their scalp. Moreover, several hypotheses reveal that females using this type of problem are usually fertile nevertheless cannot menstruate. The condition displays by itself in several signs like sun tanning, immune to burning, as well as glistening white pores and skin amid additional features. Females are the service providers on this gene mutation and it is proven to impact individuals with azure and also dark head of hair more others accomplish. Furthermore you will find sources claiming that individuals with this particular mutation can live for more than 135 a long time, in addition they are not able to put on weight or perhaps expand body fat regardless of the kind of meals they will consume, since this is a great defense ailment they will almost never fall ill. Caucasians are mostly affected, even so interracial children, may be at risk of this specific mutation as well because of the various body’s genes.


The particular legend of this kind of mutation started a lot of years ago throughout Egypt when a strange mild placed and individuals were perplexed so that they attended see exactly what it was, in the event they designed pink eyes and also light skin color. These folks were typically referred to as nature men and women and they also relocated north until that they vanished. Record indicates that the disorder was initially recognized in the United Kingdom since 1329. Children with all the problem had been given birth to along with crimson eye then when these people afterwards gave birth to young ladies with all the dysfunction, the women lived more than century of age. The actual anatomical variation was discovered from the overdue 60’s and more studies are being carried out on the object.

A lot of people feel that the problem can be the only way anyone can create crimson eye, boasts associated with Alexandria genesis present within the past cannot be relieved concerning had been those who had the problem from the Twelfth millennium. You will find races in which are known to live for the greatest decades although some reside a new quicker living. There is a possibility there ended up innate mutation this also lead to some folks gaining much more edge than others accomplish and existed lengthy making use of their pink face. It will be possible that there is gene mutation, deviation, placement, removal amongst other factors that will help with incredible of the skin, purple or even crimson eyes however, there is absolutely no clinical data this certain situation is present today.

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