Higher price of shoes does not guarantee better quality. Of course, in most cases it is recommended to choose sports shoes that ensure the health of your feet; Although it has a high price. Keep in mind that a minor injury can cost you more than the price of a shoe. So it’s worth spending a little more and buying a quality product from a reputable brand.

In addition, the new shoe models that are presented every year do not have many changes compared to the previous models, and these changes are usually very small. Even if there are many changes, they are generally in the appearance of the shoes and the quality and features are similar to the previous models. So instead of buying new shoe models, you can buy old models. Older models are sometimes up to 50% cheaper than newer models.

Aside from the branding problem, the excellent materials used in running shoes and the long design process increase the price of such shoes.

The use of quality materials will increase the life of the shoe. Also, using quality materials on the upper part of the shoe makes it very comfortable. Using the right outsole will reduce the pressure on the foot. A quality insole also keeps the heel of the foot firmly inside the shoe. All this will increase the price of shoes.

Do you need these features? Comfort is an important part of sneakers. It is true that the use of expensive materials does not directly increase the quality of shoes, but the use of cheap materials will certainly reduce its quality.

What should we pay attention to when buying sneakers for running?
1. Buy running shoes
You can also run barefoot. You may also have some tennis, soccer or basketball shoes right now and start running with them from time to time. But if you want to work as a professional runner, you will soon realize that you will need a specialized running shoe. This is a wise investment for the future.

Running involves a series of repetitive movements in the leg muscles that extend from the heel to the toes, causing the weight of the body to move up and down. Proper sneakers should have the necessary friction. These shoes should allow your feet to breathe and be useful over long distances. Having a running shoe is no longer a concern.

۲. Identify your running characteristics
Sneakers suitable for running style

The first step is to know how you want to use these sneakers. Are you a regular or professional runner? Do you run 15 km a week or 45 km? Do you run on asphalt road or treadmill or grass? Do you train for races or do you just run for weight, fitness and health?

Some sneakers are suitable for long distances and some are suitable for sprinting. Professional runners generally have two types of these shoes.

A pair of comfortable shoes that are suitable for long distances. These shoes are generally heavier.
A pair of light shoes with short heels designed for short distances and sprints.
3. Define your running style
You need to know how to run. Does the outside of the heel touch the ground more or the front of the sole of the foot?

If you have more contact with the front of the foot, you do not need a shoe with a large heel. Why should you make a shoe that is made in the heel of the material, when it is in contact with the ground for a shorter time.

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