Inversion table is a special device that utilizes the gravity to relieve painful muscle spasms in the spine due to compression of its disc. It is used in inversion therapy by the people who have back problems. Back pain has become a problem to many people and apart from the use of the gravity boots and Yoga inversions, Inversion table are used primarily to treat back pain.

Inversion table is good for it is a source of short-term relieve to people with back pain since it uses gravity which relieves pressure and pain in the spine. While using the inversion table one does not have to hang completely upside down which might be the case with other therapies since individuals lie downward at an angle. This makes sure that the user is safe.

Inversion table has the following benefits:

1. Inversion table relieves back pain. Inversion helps in the relieve of the general back pain. It is designed to use gravity that relieves the pressure in the spinal disc which may build up over time. The hanging down at an angle while using the inversion table with your head lower than the feet decompresses the spine hence relieving the built up pressure which results in the treatment of back pain.

2. Inversion table also relieves joint pressure thereby improving joint health. During the work out using the inversion table, your joints experience some stressing effect due to a high impact work out. This lead to elongation of the muscles hence the pain relief in the joint.This leads to decompression and enhancement of shock absorption in joints. For people who are suffering from join pains may consider using an inversion chair.

3. Inversion table helps in the circulation of blood. During the inversion blood flows in one direction. Hanging upside down also helps in the dis-congestion of the organs.

4. Inversion table stimulates lymph system. This helps in flushing waste from the lymph system since the waste flows in one direction hence clearing from the system during the inversion. This leads relieves pain that may be associated with the waste like lactic acid.

5. Inversion table helps in easing of stress. During the inversion,there is release of the tension which may be felt in the neck, back and shoulders. This as a result eases the tension and stress that may be cause the muscle spasms and the pain in the back.

6. Inversion table increases the flexibility. Joints are believed to lose fluid during normal days. This results to temporal height loss which brings the bones closer together reducing the range of movement. Inter-vertebral separation is increased during inversion since the disc pressure is reduced hence helping them to dehydrate restoring flexibility and shock absorption.

In conclusion, the inversion table has some disadvantages as it is not recommended to individuals with blood pressure problem, heart disease or even to pregnant women due to the upside hanging which makes the blood to flow in one direction. Inversion tables also requires another person to spot the individual hang from his or her feet and this becomes a bit tedious as you require to have a person to spot you as you use the inversion table.

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