Rugs for the home have long been not an accessory whose main function is to keep the foot warm from the cold floor, during the freezing winter days. Rugs have become a whole world of design, and if you choose rugs correctly and in accordance with the general design line that prevails in the space, it can be upgraded several times to rich and unique. When you shop for rugs, we recommend this fur area rug which is awesome, and adds a lot of style to your room!

In this article we will talk a little about the types of rugs and the differences between them, while looking at each type of rug from the visual-design angle and we will try to adapt types of rugs to home decor and furniture of one kind or another.

What are the main types of rugs available in the market today?

Modern rugs – Modern rugs are stylish rugs, which have in common in relatively quiet and clean patterns, which come from the modern art world. These rugs will usually feature different geometric prints, abstract paintings, clean straight lines and more. It is difficult to find modern colored or patterned rugs using many colors and shades, and most modern rugs are characterized by quiet and simple shades (brown, beige, black, white, red).

Classic rugs – Classic rugs, or ethnic rugs, are rugs with folk illustrations and patterns. Most often, these are very rich and colorful rugs and the patterns on them combine ethnic and curly small and dense curls. Very classic rugs “delight” and style the space of the room. Even within the category of classic rugs we can find a sub-category, where the difference between each such rug lies in the specific decorations that were customary in the different peoples (Persian rug, Georgian rug, etc.).

Shaggy rugs – These are especially popular rugs, which have gained serious momentum in the last five years. More and more people are already in love with this type of rug and if you have not heard the term, you must have seen it and been impressed. Shaggy rugs, also called spaghetti rugs, are rugs with relatively long and thick hairs. There are thinner hairs and there are very thick hairs that look like a kind of thin ropes, and the thickness of the hair creates a completely different look between one shaggy rug and its friend.

Usually, shaggy rugs come in a smooth texture, but there are stores that offer shaggy rugs in various modern patterns, which creates even more interest and originality in these rugs.

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