As we have already said, a Canadian who wishes to establish and operate a gambling site must, first and foremost, for the sake of his or her personal security to avoid referring and advertising to Canada, as well as perhaps trying to prevent Israelis from entering the gambling site itself (which is doubtful if possible and / or worthwhile). As for the tax aspects, since it is the resident of Israel who manages the site, as with any company, the company and the company must be established and overseas – preferably in a tax haven state (which does not have a tax treaty with Israel – for example, Luxembourg), with all activities relating to material decisions in the company Is done abroad.

Sometimes, some of these site operators are tempted to operate the entire site and make substantive decisions in Canada like 카지노 먹튀, precisely because they start the activity as young people operating from their parents’ room. This situation must change (and it is preferable that activities are not organized in this way from the start). We note that activity in this way poses dangers not only in taxation but also in the criminal field – as noted above.

It is of great importance that all material activity as well as the establishment (incorporation) of industry abroad is for the purpose of the control and management test. This test, which is prescribed by the Income Tax Ordinance alongside the test of incorporation (which is at the end of a technical test), is used to determine the place of business of the company. – The betting company is not a resident of Israel, so it is up to the founders to make sure that all material decisions, contracting, marketing strategy decisions and more, will all be made overseas. It is also preferable that the founders themselves who are residents of Israel should not be employed at all in the company. In this regard, we note that many times the question of whether a resident of Israel can fly to Costa Rica or B.V.I ..? How can a company be managed this way? The answer is that the law does not require control and management to be done in the foreign country in which the company operating the gambling site was established, but to control and manage it abroad. Thus, for example, you can select a country closer to Israel where the company will hold offices where all relevant and important meetings will be held. This is Egypt, Jordan or Cyprus.

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