Sex is an essential pillar of a relatioship

At the beginning of sexual intercourse, sex is usually exciting and exciting and exciting. We try to impress each other with impressive “performance” and the process of physical acquaintance is erotic and confusing and stimulating.

But why suddenly the lovemaking becomes more comfortable and very boring, even though everyday the subject of sexuality flutters around our world and envelops us from every angle.

When the intimate moment comes between a couple, how suddenly we forget the fact that we live in an age that allows us to express our sexual preferences openly and with pleasure.

What are the basic elements in our sexual relationships that allow us to express our desire for sex that is diverse, non-boring and non-threatening to our relationship?

One of the secrets to fighting boredom and monotony, which is the number one enemy in a long-term sexual relationship, is the diversity of sex life. How to develop this diversity in our daily lives when everyone works very hard, and meet at night to traditional penetration and call it sex.

My answer is to set time for sex, or in other words “sex date.” It’s like a date but with sex or time for sexual intimacy. What it means? This means that at the beginning of the week you open calendars and set time for sexual intimacy. Once they determine, there is no possibility of change. We have established.

It is possible to combine dinner or a movie before the date but it is also desirable to allocate time for sex. Do not look at dating a sex as something not romantic. People make time in advance for all the activities they like in life, such as vacations or departures or meeting with friends, so what is wrong with preparing yourself for sex in advance? Especially today when our schedule is busy and sometimes we have to maneuver programs because of the children.

I’m not against spontaneous sex, so that does not mean that when you suddenly have time for sex it’s not a happy incident like going to the Cinema House.

But all this can not exist if there is no sexual communication between you. First, you must recognize that you are in a state of boredom and that you must pass on the information to the partner. Maybe it’s a one-sided feeling? How do you inquire without words?

In my experience as a sexologist, it is clear to me that there is no way to have no overt sexual communication.

Because of the great difficulty in discussing sexuality, many couples spend years in frustration until they start looking for answers. My experience shows that profit from open communication is more satisfying and meaningful sex.

When you have a relationship of equality, mutual consent, mutual respect, open communication, mutual trust, security from mental or physical harm, these are the elements with which you can begin to develop amazing sex. This openness and honesty have only one result:


1 thought on “How to keep the Keep the Passion in Your Relationship

  1. Do crazy things together that you can always remember together and know how fun it was, and after remembering them to strive to do something crazier than the previous one.
    And believe me there are so many things you can do together and really it’s not over ..
    Just need a lot of spontaneity, without much thought all the time, a lot of desire and love ..

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