The narrow calf boots are very classy, fashionable and eye-catching when you are wearing them. There are fewer brands out there making these boots that make them pretty expensive. They design and the style used to make these boots incorporate a lot of patience to create a perfect boot. Whether you have a plan for a polo match, riding Harley on the back or going for a country show, you will need a boot to set you aside from the rest. With the fewer brands in the market, it is difficult to get one that will give you value for your money. This article may help in guiding on the boots to look out for 2020.

Review of the best narrow calf boot 2020

1. La Canadienne Women’s Kara Boot

During the rainy season, you might want a boot that is fashionable and will keep you warm. You will never go wrong with this boot. It is made of 100 percent leather that makes it durable and will offer exceptional performance. The sole is made of synthetic rubber but very strong that will give you the necessary support when walking in any surface.

The shaft is firm, flexible and measures 15.75 inches from the arch. It perfectly fits a narrow leg and makes you look stylish like a model. Moreover, the heel is 3 inches not tall enough to ensure you walk comfortably.

Additionally, this boot has a microfiber lining on the inner side that will keep your leg comfortable not to sweat and the lining is also antibacterial. You will have a full-length zipper on the back that makes it easy to put on and take it off. The boot opening at the top is 15.5 inches in circumference that can fit a thin leg well. When you have this, you will be ready to conquer any platform you step on with them. This is by no doubt one of thye best narrow calf boots for 2020, selected by top shoes sites like, shoesadviser and other bmajor websites.

2. Frye Women’s Molly Button Tall Knee High Boot

Are you a lady that likes adventures? Whether you are in for riding horses or that motorbike then this is the shoe you need. This boot is made of leather 100 percent that makes it durable and strong for any riding adventure. The interior is made of a soft lining that makes it comfortable to your feet and you will only worry about enjoying yourself.

Its sole is made of leather and rubber and the heel measuring 1 inch in thickness. This makes the shoe very flat that you won’t have any trouble in riding. The shat is knee-high from the arch for a good fit. A zipper to ensure putting it on and taking off is easy.

The boot for ages has been known to set trends in this sector. They will always give you a product that will ever walk the talk.

3. SoleMani Gabi

I could not leave this out of this list. This boot can be worn when going out with your friends on a chilly night when going for a ride with any attire. You will feel like an angel representing on a red carpet event with these boots also.

It is made of leather that will ensure the boot can last for long and make it strong. This leather is the soft leather rich in butter that makes the boot shinny. When you step out, it will be a showstopper and all attention will be on the boot. The shat is 18 inches high that makes it comfortably fit your knees. The top circumference is 13 inches that will fit a skinny girl well.

When wearing this boot, you do not only set a sense of style. It makes a statement about your personality and it can be worn with any other clothing, either skinny or non-skinny jeans.

4. Blondo Women’s Gallo Knee High Boot

This boot is very simple and very stylish. They offer perfect comfort when wearing to any event. It is an eye-catcher and with any skinny girl dressed well will be the person of the moment. It is designed with a lot of wonderful features.

The heal measure 1.75 inches that will support the comfortable walking. It has a vibe that presents as being attractive and luxurious. The boot is fitted with black suede that makes it beautiful and ready to go with any attire.

Additionally, its shaft is long enough to reach the knee level for perfect fitting. It is waterproof that you will not have to worry about getting wet if rain gets you when out of your house. The sole is made of flexible rubber that when walking, it can conform into any surface making it suitable to use anywhere.

5. Cole Haan Women’s Raina Grand OTK Boot II

If you prefer much taller boots, then these are the perfect ones for you. Style and comfort were not left behind in designing the boot. It has a lot of fascinating features that were considered in the making to give them a fresh look.

The boot is made of leather that will ensure you have a boot that can last for long. The exterior of the shaft made of suede that makes it waterproof and give it an elegant look. With a combination of glam and performance, you will get a boot to make you get all the attention. The shaft from the arch is 22.5 inches that is flexible. If it is going to get past your knee, then it can twist making it comfortable in your feet.

The zip is fitted that ensure putting it on and off is easy. They are fashion boots that you can wear in a red carpet and everyone will be after you. These boots are among the best in the class of the boots that go above your knee.


Apart from going for fashionable boots that will make you look like a star you should be able to know your size, is the boot the one that goes over the knee or not and look for the boots that have adjustable features. With such ideas in your mind, then you can get a boot that is of your style.

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