In the manufacture of gold jewelry like any other product and even with high and dizzying frequency there is a concept of design and model and fashion, whether it is local fashion or global fashion design. Historically in every country or region in the world it has been customary to create jewelry in special models of that country or region. But in the last century with the proliferation of world trade, the pace of design and the proliferation of new models has intensified in various markets around the world.

For many years Italian gold jewelry manufacturers have been world leaders in jewelry design. But in the last twenty years countries like India, Thailand, Hong Kong and China have started producing jewelry at a tremendous pace and designing new models.

Following the advent of the Internet and its spread in every industry, every buyer and ordinary person is more accessible to countless models and wants to design unique jewelry and jewelry with a personal design. Hence the phenomenon of designing gold and diamond jewelry combined with various gems and pearls has spread everywhere.

Manufacturers and jewelers try to meet all the new customer requirements regarding personalized jewelry design. Personalized jewelry requires a completely new computerized technology for jewelry design such as 3D printing. A combination of handmade and computerized design allows for a very wide range of options to meet all customer requirements in order to provide personally designed jewelry such as Prayer Beads, Silver neckalces and amazing bracelets. Direct access to the diamond exchange is also required and extensive knowledge in dealing with gems such as emerald, sapphire, ruby, pearls and other gems that customers require. In ordering jewelry with a personal design, the customer can be involved in every step of the jewelry creation from start to finish.

How does the process of designing jewelry in personal design work:

The designs of the jewelry are cleverly designed that allows you to fit the jewelry body (earring, ring, pendant, etc.) the stones set in it without limit. Diamonds or gems of all types, in any size, and in any shape can be set.
This method allows you to purchase jewelry with a personal and unique design that is specially designed for you.

Step 1:
Choosing the stone – choose the type of stone we want for the jewelry: diamond, gemstone, pearl, etc.

Step 2:
Choosing the tone that holds the stone you have chosen – there are different types of tones: six-toothed, four-toothed, thin-toothed, thick-toothed, etc.

Step 3:
Choosing the jewelry – there is a large variety of options for choosing the jewelry, you can choose to embed the stone in a ring, earring, bracelet, pendant for a necklace, etc.

Step 4:
Choice of jewelry material – gold jewelry: 14 carat, 18 carat, etc., silver jewelry, white gold jewelry, etc.