1439272_36480518Imagine waking up one day without technology. Would you even be able to wake up on time without an alarm clock? Technology is everywhere. In the twenty-first century, technology is one of the most important factors in our lives. It helps us in a lot of different tasks: cooking, going to work, research, entertaining ourselves. It changes our lives in so many different aspects. Technology has a profound effect on our society.

For high school students in 2014, a normal day is waking up with technology, usually alarm clocks. They get ready for their day and sometimes listen to music, on their iPods or smartphones. Ideally, they will cook their breakfast with appliances that are considered to be technology. They will get into their car or on a school bus to take them to their campus to learn. Throughout the day, the student will get bored of being in class and play games, text, or check social media on their cell phones. How are these students being educated? Well, they’re learning a new lesson in their math class. The teacher scrolls through the PowerPoint, using the OneNote on their computers or tablets to show example problems. Once the lesson is done, the students will start to do their homework that is assigned through the teacher’s online classroom, on their school-issued tablets. For these students, life would be unimaginable because they have all grown up with it. The importance of technology to them may be far more than people who were around before all of these things. Now what if there was no technology for these adolescents after years of growing up with it? Their daily routines would be gone. Most of their schoolwork, entertainment, daily and transportation needs would be unsatisfied. They would not know how to function without it. It would turn their lives upside down.

For a person who is a member of the working world, they do mostly the same thing. The importance of technology in the working world helps businessmen and women connect to their counterparts in other parts of the world. It allows them to do business with other counties and companies, without even having to leave their own country. It has revolutionized the working world with all of the contributions that the electronic technology this world has to offer. We are able to build bridges and pipelines because of the technology to build. Technology affects every branch of work. Office work, teaching, retail work. If you work in an office, how would you get your work done without your computer? If you are a teacher, how would you make homework for each student? If you work in retail, how will you sell merchandise without the scanners? These are all very possible, but most of us in the 21st century know that the importance of technology is incredibly higher than it used to be.

Technology has changed the world in many ways. It has given us the tools to learn, build, create, and see the world for what it is. It makes our lives so much easier. In the past century, we have gone from mailing letters, to sending emails, to sending text messages. We have gone from hanging up our wet laundry on clotheslines to tossing them in the dryer. We have gone from subways to bullet trains and we just keeping progressing. Technology has revolutionized our whole world. It makes everything accessible online, and you don’t have to go to the library and spend a long time researching. The whole world has become very reliant on technology, but because it has changed the world, that may not be a bad thing.

Technology is everywhere, and the importance of technology is much greater than before. It has changed our world so much already, and made our lives easier. Technology is moving quicker and quicker every day, and there is no stopping it.

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