Engagement rings specially designed by the English nobility

The English aristocracy’s jewelery collection boasts a large number of diamond-studded jewelery in which are designed diamond rings worn by queens, princesses and ladies belonging to the royal family.Particularly famous are the engagement rings of Queen Elizabeth and the famous Princess Diana. Queen Elizabeth’s engagement ring was given to her by Philip, Prince of Greece, in 1947. Philip participated in the design of the diamond ring centered on one large diamond (3 carats) which was surrounded by twenty more modest diamonds. The design of Princess Diana’s diamond ring is one of the most famous and sought after in the world. The engagement ring that Charles gave to Diana in 1981. It was set in white gold with a large blue sapphire in the center highlighted by 14 diamonds around it. The ring was inherited by Diana’s son, Prince William, who gave it to Kate Middleton when they became engaged in 2010.

Engagement rings specially designed by Hollywood ladies

Here you will not find examples of a cheap engagement ring Do not find women like the late actress Elizabeth Taylor held a very large collection of expensive and special jewelry, among them diamond-studded engagement rings given to her by each of her 8 husbands. A large portion of the diva’s jewelry collection was sold after her death and the profits were donated to charity.Among the other Hollywood princesses wearing designer diamond rings you will find singer Beyoncé wearing an impressive engagement ring with an 18-carat diamond in an emerald cut; Catherine Zeta-Jones in a special engagement ring with a 10-carat marquise cut diamond; The actress Blake Lively on her finger a delicate and beautiful engagement ring with a pink diamond hugged by smaller diamonds. These and other engagement rings are widely imitated all over the world.

Diamond rings in a special design by Canadian  celebrities

Canadians are also attracted to diamond rings, an example of which is the singer Denver Beck who wears an impressive diamond ring made of white gold in which about 160 small diamonds with a total weight of about 4.6 carats are set. Another well-known diamond enthusiast is Jennifer Garner who sings about diamonds and is proud of a white gold ring set with diamonds in a pava design.