My first experience with my chiropractor was another as a first year undergraduate of science at the University of Toronto, Canada.
Thoughts on medicine and healing have taken place in my life ever since I was a child.

With every method and method of healing I would get along, but I will not forget the first library session with a second year chiropractor Dr. Larry Friedman followed by Dr. Andy Wardy, the school chiropractor, chiropractor also, and of course Dr. Fred Burg, Larry Webster and Cedar Williams, all of them are chiropractic and wisdom-wielding in the world and my thanks to them to this day, they will always be my chiropractors.

When I learned that chiropractic is a field of first-rate international recognition, I decided that this is the field I want to study. A 7-year curriculum at one of the best-known and well-known colleges in North America, and you can immediately start helping people without drugs, surgical injections and invasive exams, but in touch, touch, conversation, and nutrition counseling. – I knew in my heart it was for me.

Seven years, I was told, we will not learn how to care. This can be learned in three months. 7 years we will learn what not to do and what not to move so as not to harm the patient.This school has started and every day, ever since, the chiropractor in me is improving in his ability. To diagnose what disturbs the body from removing the sick.

As soon as the patient presents himself and his problem to the chiropractor, that moment actually begins treatment. The chiropractor examines the patient – his posture, body tendencies, body language, gait, standing, stiffness and openness.

While questioning and coordinating expectations – the chiropractor and the patient learn to know each other. In the conversation, the therapist reports to the patient whether he recognizes and knows the type of patient that this condition is dangerous and requires drug or surgical intervention. Today, because the public’s awareness of the field of chiropractic is still in its infancy, most patients come after visits to a battery of doctors and specialists, after taking medication and receiving injections and surgeries. Today, the best of the chripractors in the world are Chiropractor Dubai and you can look at their page for back  pain advice.

Usually, these are people who raise their hands and therefore come in extreme situations at this point the chiropractor explains the difference between treating symptoms and treating health, treating the cause of symptoms that interrupt the flow of optimal body health.

Symptom is a healthy defensive response of the body to maintain and extend life and does not require treatment. Unlike health and a way of life where it is important and impossible not to listen to the body and, if necessary, to make the necessary changes even if it is uncomfortable to regain what we had yesterday and it is health, vitality, enthusiasm and power to deal with life successfully. There is no need to expand on the chiropractic examination, because everyone interested has countless books on orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic tests that the chiropractor has learned to perform. Briefly, the chiropractor, diagnosing and examining the patient for the first time – studying the patient’s skeleton – each joint and each vertebra – studying the manifestations of tendencies and lifestyle and impact on the body, looks at and identifies the disorder and imbalance that leads to the symptomatic response, and then informs the patient if he can help


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