Are responsible cat breeders able to raise cats without cages by the percentage?

In many habitats breeding cats without cages. However, cages are rarely used.

When you start looking for a cat habitat, there are many questions that come up about the puppy you want to bring into your home. One of the questions one might want to ask the breeder is he using his cage habitat?

In a perfect world no animal should live in a cage, but there are cases where cages are needed.
For example, in situations where you want to limit litter in a habitat where there are too many cats.
There are towers that allow uncontrolled stud and it is definitely not responsible. However, there are breeders who use cages only when necessary. But cats are still part of the family and grow up in the home.

When we choose the habitat where we want to adopt a cat, you’ll probably want to know all the reasons for it
If cages are used at all. Here are some parameters to consider.

· A responsible breeder will rarely use the cage. For example when the quadruple male has to be kept away
When there is a special cat, to prevent unwanted stud. Or when you want to prevent the male from possibly injuring the cubs and especially the male pup.
· A responsible breeder may use the cage when the female is special but not allowed to breed.
· A responsible breeder may need a cage when there is a cat that needs to be isolated due to illness.
· A responsible breeder will use the cage when a new cat is accepted for breeding.

You could say that there are few situations where a responsible, loving and careful breeder will use cages. However, this is usually not for extended periods but in specific cases.
In these cases, the cage needs to be large enough to have space for needs, food, sleep and play space. Care should be taken to have enough space where the needs do not disperse and enter the food and water and the cat can move and play.

Don’t be afraid to ask your breeder when and why the cats are caged. Most towers will allow you Visit their habitat and check out the facilities. You must supply cats with toys. That’s imperative. Toys like flying butterfly or a fish toy can be pretty handy – but you got to do it so the cat wont get bored.
Topics you can help yourself to know if the tower belongs to those towers
The “cages are easy” and as a result there are many studs.
How many cats to breed should be in one habitat?
Large habitats must use many cages and cats grow inside cages.
If they don’t use cages, fights between cats can break out, illnesses and cats may die.

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