If you are facing an office cleaning task first, make sure you have the tools and materials you need. Office cleaning is not quantum theory, but it does require some skill and of course the right tools and materials. In fact it is quite similar to house cleaning but I would still like to give you or at least remind you some office cleaning tips and steps.

First, make sure you have the following tools and materials:
Vacuum cleaner, broom, scoop, floor cleaning material (preferably material that suits the type of floor and bolt you like), wiper, bucket, feather dust brush, sponge, toilet cleaner, toilet brush, window cleaner spray, microfiber cloths, computer cleaning kit (all in all Office has computer), wet wipes and garbage bags.

Don’t save on office cleanliness. A clean office will bring better employee productivity and to the extent that customers visit, a clean office will make them comfortable, which will result in faster contracts closing.

So how do you get started?

First of all, pick up trash bags from the bins and trash from the tables if necessary.
The next step is to dust the office. Use feather dust brush on all the shelves, tables and corners in the office. Occasionally the brush was shaken out of the office to remove dust from it. This way, you will maintain it over time and maintain its effectiveness in dust collection.

Clean the windows with the window cleaner spray. Wipe with a clean microfiber cloth until the window shines. If you do not have access to the outside of the window, you should book a cleaning company that specializes in window cleaning in Rappelling. They do not have the tools, knowledge and experience to do that, even if you have no fear of heights.

You can also use the window cleaning spray to clean the tables and shelves or alternatively with the wet wipes or another cleaning spray of your choice or suitable for the surface you are cleaning.
Don’t forget to wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

Sweep the office in all areas and collect with the help of Hya.

After the sweep, vacuum with the cleaner and of course do not forget to empty the cleaner at the end of the pumping.

Now you must protect yourself from germs and other health related issues that may happen in your office. The best way to serlize your office is with Portable UV Light Sterilizer that can help
you makie your office strelized and health safe. This is extermrly important, especially in the corona virus tiomes.


Of course, don’t forget the toilet, especially the toilet. Toilet material should be poured both inside the toilet and on the toilet with it and the plank. Scrub well and well with a sponge on the outside and a toilet bowl brush. Rinse with water and wipe off the toilet.

Now that everything was ready and clean around, the floor was washed. Of course, use detergent suitable for the floor you are cleaning. If you have a wall-to-wall carpet, make sense if you invite a carpet cleaning company with the right tools.

Personally, I would spray the office with a scent spray or alternatively use a scent dispenser with a lemon scent that eliminates bad odors.

Ahh yes, of course don’t forget to scatter new garbage bags in the bins and toilet paper in the toilet.